HMIS New User Quiz – Part 2 AWARDS Navigation

All new users must complete and submit a screen shot of completed quiz results along (with a grade of 80% or higher) with a signed User Agreement, and completed User Access Request signed by a Manager to Kelli Clark

* 1. What is the web address for the CRHMIS AWARDS database where all data entry is completed?

* 2. What is the default password for the CRHMIS AWARDS database

* 3. After resetting the password and setting security details what should an AWARDS user do next?

* 4. What does the CARES logo act as?

* 5. True or False: Users should log out of AWARDS before closing the internet browser

* 6. How often must a user log into AWARDS in order to maintain a username and log in?

* 7. How does an AWARDS user access the Helpdesk?

* 8. The AWARDS Home Page defaults to which Module?

* 9. Which activity is completed in the Charts Module?

* 10. How can discharged client records be updated?