1. Please Read the Following in Regards to your Personal Information

All personal data collected is only for purposes of placing your child in a Zionsville Girl Scout Troop. Survey Monkey has no access to the data collected. It is only accessable to the Service Unit Troop Coodinator via a password protected account. Your information will NOT be used for any solicitations or advertising purposes. Please see link below for further information.


* 1. Contact Information (If you have more than one child, please fill out additional surveys-sorry for the inconvenience)

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This Interest Form DOES NOT register your child for Girl Scouts. After a Troop has been designated or created, you will then have to fill out a registration form for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. This will include paying the Registration Fees of $14.00 to be turned into your child's troop leader. (Fees cover National & Zionsville registration costs only...Troop Dues are additional and are decided by each Individual Troop.)