The online ballot will open at 8:00 AM CST on Friday, February 12th. Ballot will remain open until 11:59 AM CST on Wednesday, February 17th. Results will be announced at the Virtual Annual Meeting on February 19th at 6:00 PM CST, via our social media channels. Each alumnus is allowed one ballot only. Name, grad year(s) and email are required for verification purposes. All voting must be done at the same time. Write-in votes are not permitted. Individuals selected will serve from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2024.

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Nominations for 2021 to 2024 Terms are as follows (names appear in alphabetical order):

1. KRISTY ALEMAN ’08, ’20 - "Dr. Aleman is energetic, passionate and has an unwavering dedication to this University. While serving during her first term, Dr. Aleman not only went above and beyond her call as a board member, she also earned a doctorate in Nursing from TAMU-CC. She has always worked to expand the reach of the Islander Alumni Association, and has been very purposeful in reaching-out and including fellow nursing graduates in new programming, activities and events. Prior to her joining our board, Nursing & Health Science degrees were very underrepresented on our Board of Directors. Dr. Aleman’s involvement in the organization has expanded our reach more than she will ever know, and she has even successfully recruited other individuals to join the ranks as Board Members. I've enjoyed seeing her passion for this organization, and would love to see that continue for another term."

2. PATRICK AYARZAGOITIA ’91, ’11 - "I am interested in serving the university and I would find it fulfilling to know that I could be a part of an organization whose goal is to “strengthen alumni relations through meaningful engagement and campus experiences.” I would be honored to be able to influence the next generation of students and alumni and contribute to the momentum that has transformed this Island university into a stunning success. I know that the key to success lies in hard work and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and collaborate with others to work towards a common goal. I'm ready to learn and dedicate myself to helping the Alumni Association maximize its impact and reach its goals."

3. GUSTAVO BARRERA ’94 - "Gus Barrera has been a cornerstone of the Islander Alumni Association for as long as I have been involved with the organization. Gus has selflessly served this Board, and with his strategic vision, has helped us achieve many great accomplishments, including the formation of the Islander Forever Endowed Scholarship in 2017. He has a great passion for his alma mater, and I know will continue to help us move forward, motivating fellow Alumni, both on and off the Board. Gus knows first-hand the value and importance of higher education, and the crucial role we play in that as Alumni. He is very vocal in holding himself and others accountable in terms of board commitments, and motivates others for the greater good of the organization. My hope is that he will continue to serve this board, and help us grow and expand our reach into the future.

4. ALYSSA BARRERA MASON ’10, ’12  - "At such a young age, Alyssa Barrera Mason has already accomplished so much, and is a leading force in our Corpus Christi community. With great pride, she accredits a good amount of this success to the degrees and education she received on the Island. Alyssa knows that education is the ultimate foundation when it comes to the construction of a thriving community, and she has a very personal interest in seeing our Islander Alumni Association and University thrive. Her innovation, creativeness, and relationships have been key in helping us be successful with several new programs and initiatives over the past three years. With a mind that is forward thinking, and set on the future, she is the type of leader that will guarantee success for our organization. Especially in times like this, when so much is new and unknown, minds like Alyssa’s are necessary for success."
5. JEFF DUPONT ’97, ’00 - "Jeff has deep ties to TAMUCC. Jeff was an Islander as a student and as a staff member. He worked for the Recreational Sports department as a student and professional staff member. He was also adjunct instructor for the Kinesiology department. Many of Jeff's family and friends still live in the Coastal Bend. He is still grateful for the opportunity he was given as a student leader in the 90's. What he learned on the Island, became his career."

6. VALERIE FERDIN ’13, ’15 - "Valerie would be an asset to the Islander Alumni Board, as she is a young servant leader committed to serving the institution that once served her. She is passionate about serving and engaging all Islanders in any capacity that she can. Immediately after graduation, she made the decision to give back by establishing an endowment. When I asked her what inspired her to give, she said “I want to aspire to inspire.” I think this runs true by not only her commitment to give, but her willingness to engage and embrace all of the alumni, students, and community persons she encounters at Islander events and in everyday life. Please award her this opportunity to continue to serve her Alma Mater through the honor of being a member on the Alumni board and allow her to use her skills and her passion to drive her efforts to make an Islander Impact world-wide."

7. ADAM LOPEZ ’06, ’16 - Adam;s positivity and unwavering Islander spirit has been a joy to work with during his first term on the Board of the Islander Alumni Association. If you've never met him before, he is emphatically clear about his pride for his University, and uses his contacts and networking circles to forward our mission. I don’t think there has ever been a time in which Adam doesn’t share or comment on a social media post relating or connected to our programs, activities, events, or noteworthy accomplishments. He is one of our greatest champions, and his pride in the University is contagious. I would love to see him carry his strong momentum to another term.

8. RODOLFO (RUDY) MORENO ’89, ’98 - Rudy has shown to be an exceptional supporter of our university in many ways that would make him an exceptional candidate for the Alumni Board. Not only does he hold two degrees from TAMUCC, but his wife and one of his daughters are also alumna with dedicated careers in providing public services. Rudy and his wife are owners of M'agine Support Services that provide services to a person with developmental and/or physical disabilities outside of an institutional setting. This work exemplifies the University's Vision to serving the intellectual, cultural, social, environmental, and economic needs of South Texas. His work experience in social services would not only diversify the background of professionals on the Board but provide unique perspectives on furthering the mission of the University.
9. ELLEN KAYE NELSON ’65 - "I graduated from the University of Corpus Christi in 1965 and am still grateful for the UCC scholarships I received which supported my pursuit of that college degree. The close ties to friends and faculty from that era are meaningful to me. As time went by, I returned to teach in the Counselor Education and Educational Psychology Department at TAMU-CC, retiring in 2001. I am proud of my connections to the Island University and would be happy to give back by serving on the TAMU-CC Alumni Association Board if selected. "

10. RALPH SILVA ’85, ’90, ’08 - "Dr. Silva has served on our Alumni Board since 2018. I have known him many years through our employment with Corpus Christi Independent School district, and he has always been a steadfast and confident leader. I have always admired the way he collaborates and easily works with the individuals around him. This last year, he has held the position of Treasurer on our Executive Committee, and has been a great contributor to all of our meetings, and is always one of the first to volunteer and participate for our events. Dr. Silva has taken a particular interest in, and made an effort to volunteer at each of our Diploma Pick-up over the last three semesters. His involvement in this organization has provided him with an opportunity to give back as a servant leader, and support his community. He is a leader through both action and word, and I am excited about having him continue to serve on this Board."

11. TINA YBARRA ’98, ’01 - "I believe in the power of education. I believe in the power of service to our community. Both of these beliefs meld with the mission statement of the Alumni Association. This is an opportunity to give back to the school that has provided me with personal and professional success. A position on the Board of Directors allows me to help strengthen community and alumni relationships, support the Island University Foundation, and promote the amazing benefits the University provides both during and after graduation. My journey in life gives a perspective that, I believe, would be a benefit to this organization. Thank you for your consideration to be part of this important work."

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