The YMCA is looking into potentially opening an infant/ toddler center in the building next to the Preschool. We would appreciate your participation in answering the folloring questions.
Thank you

* 1. Do you have an infant or toddler between the ages of 6 months and 2 years?

* 2. Do you have a child who currently attends the YMCA Preschool Program?

* 3. Have you looked into child care options for your infant or toddler?

* 4. How difficult has it been for you to find a quality infant/ toddler program for your child?

* 5. Have you been placed on a waiting list for an infant/toddler program in Sonoma County?

* 6. Would you be interested in enrolling you child in a YMCA Infant/ Toddler Program?

* 7. What do you like best about the possibility of the YMCA opening an infant/ toddler center?

* 8. What area of Sonoma County do you live in?