Introductory Questions / Today's Topic

This is the first of a series of surveys for visitors, artists and OSH participants.

* 1. Are you an artist?

* 2. Have you Visited or Participated in OSH?

* 3. TODAY's TOPIC: Expanding OSW to 2 weekends. Divide the city East / West. The majority of venues open only one weekend. Visitors have said there is too much to be seen in one weekend. Artists would have the opportunity to visit other venues on the alternate weekend.

* 4. Did you attend the Kick-Off Reception?

* 5. Did you attend the Group Show?

* 6. How important is the Kick-Off Reception to you?

* 7. How important is the Group Show to you?

* 8. Feel free to comment on these events or other topic.

* 9. Email address. Please include me on the OSH eblast list(s)