Lend Your Insights to Advancing Manitoba’s Food Sector! 

The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (WECM) is seeking input from small- and medium-sized food processors throughout the province in the research study C3 Project - Crossing the Chasm to Commercialization. In concert with other stakeholders and industry partners, we are interested in gathering opinions and experiences from a broad cross-section of men and women in the food and agri-food processing community. Your feedback is valuable to the outcomes of this research project; we appreciate your participation.

1)      To identify limiting factors and supports that exist for entrepreneurs accessing the resources of the Manitoba food value-added processing system; 
2)      To address barriers and impediments hampering the development of sustainable businesses and make recommendations aimed at facilitating greater gender diversity; and
3)      To develop a collaborative road map to commercialization in concert with other Manitoba service providers, for the benefit of all Manitoba food value-added clients.
FUNDER: Federal Government – Status of Women Canada

Your participation in this study is directly related to the first objective of this research project. Your involvement includes completing the survey below which will take approximately 30 minutes. The time you invest now will affect the future supports and resources available to benefit your business and the industry. The C3 Project survey is divided into five parts:
        Part I – Demographic data to better understand how family support affects business progression;
        Part II – Business structure and where you currently are in the commercialization process;
        Part III – Market focus and sales/operations requirements;
        Part IV – Goals for commercialization growth and possible export considerations;
        Part V – Your experience to-date, existing gaps/deficiencies, and ranking critical success factors.

BENEFITS: Your involvement in this research project will aid Manitoba food sector service providers in their efforts to support the creation of viable, commercial enterprises and new food products for the retail food market.

Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary and there will be no negative consequence if you refuse to participate in it, withdraw from it at any time, or refuse to answer certain questions. Due to the anonymous nature of the survey, once the completed survey is submitted it is not possible to remove your answers. Please note that your information will be kept strictly confidential and used in aggregate form only.

STORAGE: The survey results will be stored securely online (Survey Monkey) and on password protected iPads and will only be accessible by the WECM research team. All records from your participation in this research will be stored on WECM’s secure network servers, accessible only by registered username and password and all printed material will be stored in a locked filing cabinet at WECM offices, available only to authorized persons. The results of this research will be made available (in aggregate form only) on WECM’s website, print documents or by direct request to WECM.

RISKS: We do not see any potential risk in your participation in this research. The aggregate data cannot be connected to individual participants. The research findings will not be commercialized and we do not see any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest with the researchers, WECM, and/or the funding body.
Please take a moment to read the instructions below to complete our survey. Be sure to submit it as soon as possible to be eligible for 1 of 2 prize draws! As you navigate our survey, please remember there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers, simply select the answers that most closely reflect you, your ambition, and your experiences to-date.

Please note question formats. In some instances you may be able to select only one answer from a list or dropdown box. In other instances multiple responses may be allowed. Some boxes provide the opportunity for you to type in your own response.

When complete, add your email address to enter our respondent prize draw. By providing your name and email address, you will be included in our list to receive aggregated results. If you experience any difficulty with this survey please contact:

Alanna Keefe, C3 Project Manager
Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
100-207 Donald Street
Winnipeg, MB   R3C 1M5
Email: akeefe@wecm.ca
Phone: 204.988.1864

I have read the above description of this research project and understand the risks and benefits involved. By consenting to participate in this survey, I am aware that I have not waived any of my legal rights to which I would otherwise be entitled.