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*Summer 2019 Jackson County location: YMCA, 522 W 6th St, Medford, OR. Click here!

*Summer 2019 Josephine County location: River Valley Church - Redwood, Grants Pass, OR. Click here!

Thank you for your pre-registration. We will email you when we place a class in Grants Pass or Medford during the 2019-2020 season.

This program is FREE to any family that wishes to attend.

Taught by professional Parenting Educators who were teen parents themselves or have worked with young people for 15+ years.

Be the best parent you can be! Join us for a fun & interactive parenting education program for parents under age 25.

Why age 25? To include:
-Current teen parents
-Parenting partners of teen parents
-Previous teen parents with children ages 0-10

Some Weekly Topics:

•Positive parenting, Being a young parent

•Parenting & my personality


•Parental self-care, Handling stress & anger

•Family communication

•Helping children manage behaviors

•Appropriate expectations & rules

•Hopes and fears, social-emotional coaching

•Solve parenting challenges

12 sessions. 24 parenting education hours.

Questions? | 541-734-5150 x1050

**Invitations for parents/families will be sent out to pre-registered parents if a current class isn't available.

***Customarily, TFC classes usually start Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb, and April/May.

This free opportunity for families made possible by: Southern Oregon Early Learning Services & The Family Connection: Parenting Hub of Southern Oregon

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