In order for us to confirm a Best Price claim, we need to add you to the Best Price Guarantee member database using your email address in which you accept that you will accept Bella Vista will contact you from time to time in order deliver updates and news about the Bella Vista Accommodation network. Once you have submitted your claim form, the property in question will contact you to confirm if your application has met the terms of our Best Price Guarantee.

 -  Are you a member of the Bella Vista Best Price Guarantee (BVBPG) database?
    By submitting this claim form (below) you will become a member
 -  Did you make your booking within the last 24 hours?
 -  Are the accommodation dates the same?
 -  Is the lower price in New Zealand dollars (NZD)?
 -  Are the room type, and inclusions, the same?

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. You must have a confirmed booking made through the Bella Vista website booking channel -

2. You must find a lower rate through a publicly available, English-language, online booking channel for the same property, same room type, same dates, same length of stay, same number of guests, same purchase policies

3. You must complete this claim form in full.

4. You must submit your claim within 24 hours of making the reservation and within at least 48 hours prior to your arrival at that Bella Vista property

5. You may only submit one claim for each property booking (same booking/same client/same property)

6. The rates must be booked and paid for in New Zealand dollars (NZD)

7. Price comparisons will be made on a room only room-to-room basis for that property, including taxes (15% GST)

8. If the lower price is verified, we will meet that price PLUS apply a further 5% reduction

9. Bella Vista properties decline payment of any costs incurred through the cancellation of pre-purchased online booking with alternative (non-Bella Vista) websites

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to the following:

 - Prices available on websites where the specific property is not known until the booking is made (e.g. “Mystery property”)
 - Accommodation packages which may include car hire, meals, airfares or other similar packages or inclusions
 - Discounts not available to the general public such as corporate, government, GDS, wholesale or other specially negotiated rates
 - Farmlands cardholder discounts
 - Gold Pass cardholder discounts
 - Bookings made within 24 hours
 - Taxes/fess or additional charges
 - Differences in currency exchange rates
 - Where the competing website is owned/managed by the specific property in question

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