To CONFIRM your IN ZONE child IS attending Green Bay High in Year 9 for 2018:

Please use the mailed subject guide to help assist you with completing this process.
This can also be found on our school website:

* 1. Student/Parent/Caregiver Information

* 2. Languages

A language is compulsory for Year 9 students in 2018.

Please select a language from the 4 options below:

* 3. Remaining Option Choices:
Please select 5 options (3 and two backups) in ranked order. Some courses will have limited spaces and when they are at capacity they will no longer be available for selection.

* Each student will have a total of 4 option subjects. All option subjects at Year 9 run for a Semester (2 terms) *

The following courses are available :

  Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Backup Choice 1 Backup Choice 2
Art - 09ART
Business Studies - 09BUS
Dance - 09DAN
Design and Visual Communication - 09DVC
Digital Technologies - 09DIT
Drama - 09DRA
Fashion and Design - 09FDS
Food and Nutrition - 09FAN
Forensic Science - 09FOR
Hard Materials Technology - 09HAM
Leadership in Action - 09LIA
Media Studies - 09MED
Music - 09MUS
Spanish - 09SPA
Sports Studies - 09SPS
Te Reo Māori - 09MAO
Young Writers - 09WRI

* 4. Additional option courses are available for students identified as being gifted and talented in either academic and/or sports areas. Entry to these options is by application and/or invitation which will occur at a later date.

If you think this is relevant to you please indicate below:

* 5. Green Bay High School is a BYOD/E-Learning school. 

We strongly recommend a ChromeBook as the 'preferred device' for learning.

 Which device will you be using?:

* 6. Did you attend our Open Day?

* 7. If you attended, do you have any feedback about our Open Day?

* 8. Are you interested in participating in a school sports team?

* 9. Do you have a parent or family member who may be interested in coaching, managing or supporting a sports team?

* 10. The WIL Sport Junior Elite Training Squad (JETS) programme is available to Elite Athletes who qualify.

Please indicate if you are competing at a representative, regional or national level and would like to be considered for this programme:

100% of survey complete.