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For information regarding the 5 possible locations for the 46-unit apartment please click on the link below.  This information was not able to be uploaded into this survey.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  

Information regarding potential locations:

The City of Windom has a shortage of available housing including single-family homes, rental units, and senior housing.  Since 2016, the Windom EDA has been working with a multi-family developer who proposes the construction of a 46-unit market rate apartment building.  The goal is to find a location for the apartment building that works for the developer and the community. 

Please provide your input in the following Survey regarding potential locations for a 46-unit market-rate apartment building.  (These locations were identified at the previous community input meetings and will potentially work for the developer.) 

Community Input
Input from the community has been gathered through our Multi-family Housing Input Meetings, planning meetings for the Windom Comprehensive Plan, individual meetings with community members and City Councilmembers, and at City Council Meetings.   The City held two community input meetings on November 20, 2018, and December 5, 2018, to discuss housing.  The attendees identified potential locations for the new multi-family apartment building. 

Survey Results
Survey results will be discussed at the third community input meeting on Wednesday January 16th at 5:30pm in City Hall Council Chambers.  Additional locations can also be discussed at this meeting.  The timeline is to have a recommendation for multi-family housing to the Windom City Council by March 2019.   The survey and community input will help City Councilmembers make a decision in March regarding the proposed 46-unit apartment building. 
Housing Study
 A Comprehensive Housing Study was finalized for the City of Windom in 2014 by Viewpoint Consulting Group.  The Housing Study identified a need for 130 new housing units in Windom from 2014 to the end of the decade.  The Housing Study identified the need for single-family homes, duplexes, quads, and multi-family units to accommodate market-rate housing, seniors, higher-income families, and lower-income families.  The Housing Study was completed prior to Fast Global Solution’s expansion and the opening of Prime Pork creating 500+ new jobs.  As such, since 2014 the housing market has tightened and the demand for units has grown. 

Thank you for your participation in this Survey.

Drew Hage
Development Director
City of Windom
507-832-8661 (Office)

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* 1. Rank the top 5 locations for multi-family housing. (#1 being the top location)

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* 2. Open-ended feedback regarding multi-family housing in Windom

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* 3. Which proposed apartment location is closest to your home?