* 1. Did you take typing in school?

* 2. If you had formal typing instruction at school, at what age or grade was it given?

* 3. Please describe the way you learned how to type. Some examples: typing class in high school on an electric typewriter, typing class in second grade on a Mac, I taught myself.....

* 4. Which describes how you generally type when using a computer keyboard:

* 5. Did you start to use a computer or cell phone before you had typing instruction?

* 6. How has using a cell phone changed or influenced the way you type on a computer?

* 7. Which describes your computer typing skills:

* 8. On which device do you type faster?

* 9. What is your age backer?

Is there anything about how you learned to type or how you've since used computers and cell phone/ipads that has made you a better or worse typist?

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