Help us brainstorm on how to save our planet, one bottle at a time

Dear Colleagues 

As we emerge from the Covid crisis, we are placing greater emphasis in our actions to ensure we emerge as a more responsible company towards sustainability. Amongst the many things that we are working on, the area with highest priority is to eliminate single-use plastic, one of the biggest contributors being the waste of drinking water bottles.  

It is not uncommon for travel suppliers to give refillable water bottles / flasks to travellers, which then refill them as you go along. In our planning in doing so we are facing some logistical challenges. There is also the issue of resistance in the traveller in refilling bottles from sources they are not sure or or do not see themselves.  

Unfortunately India does not have the best reputation when it comes to water safety and that perception hurts us. Every traveller to India gets warned about drinking water and is very particular about the water that they consume.  

That is why we are sending out this survey to a few select partners to get some input. We are determined to find an alternative; however, this will not be possible without your valuable inputs.

Keeping this in mind there are many solutions that we are looking into – of course each has its challenges which is why we need feedback from you as to what you feel might work well with your guests so that they can explore and enjoy their journeys without a second thought about drinking water.

A solution we have narrowed down is as follows:

That we provide guests refillable self-filtering water bottles by ‘LifeStraw’ or similar.  

More information:

This has worked well with our guests who travel for wildlife and adventure and are recognised globally by the adventure travel community. LifeStraw bottles have inbuilt filtration system that removes bacteria & parasites, it removes microplastics, reduces chemicals, reduces lead and reduces turbidity.

LifeStraw today is a world recognized brand and producing a quality product. We recommend that we use their bottles which can then be filled in guest hotels with purified water form their systems further to be filtered by the LifeStraw filtration system.

Every day, a 5-10 litre thermos container can be used to fill with water by the hotel before leaving for the day. Of course, our drivers will ensure that these are kept filled for the journey. The guest can refill their personal bottles from this container from this larger thermos. Each LifeStraw bottle filter provides more than enough for a two-week vacation and can be used when they go back home. The filters are replaceable.

Can  you please take a few minutes to fill in this survey for use to get your guidance on how we should proceed. We need to understand whether the guests will be able to adjust to this reality.

We do prefer the LifeStraw solution. It will add a cost, but that will more than be balanced out by the reduction in wastage and also the costs of water bottles. It seems to be more long-term option.

It has worked well with those who travel to remote regions and the jungles, however, we are not sure if it will work with normal travellers exploring cities and destinations around our wonderful country.

We would really love to hear your thoughts on the same and in case you feel there is something else that works well in another destination we would love to hear about it. Together, we are quite sure that we can eliminate this problem from the Indian Subcontinent.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay Well 

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* 4. Please rank the following from 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest

  1 - Not at all 2 - A little bit 3 - Somewhat 4 - Fair Amount 5 - Big Priority
How important for you is reducing waste from water bottles by your travelers ?
Do you think your clients care about this issue ?
How important is it to you that you choose a supplier that has environmentally friendly practices?

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* 5. Do you follow any sustainable practices in how you sell, package and present trips to your clients ?

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* 6. Have you ever heard of LifeStraw or similar self filtering water bottle products ?

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* 7. Have you ever used LifeStraw or similar self filtering water bottle products ?

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* 8. Have you seen any other DMC or destination in Asia, Africa or South America (where water safety concerns are similar) successfully introduce a solution to this problem ?   Can you share you experience here please.

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* 9. Do you think an addition of US$ 30-40 per traveler is a cost that you can add or sell to customers for this service?

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* 10. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions that could help is in our mission ??

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* 11. And the most important question - given consumer perceptions on India, do you think it is worth placing our efforts on this at this stage ?