Zanzibar Library Services (ZLS) is compiling a directory of possible funding sources for library development in Zanzibar. If your organisation is interested in promoting literacy and improving lifelong education on Zanzibar, please help us by answering the following questions.

* 1. Information about your organisation:

* 2. Would your organisation consider supporting library development in Zanzibar?

If YES, please indicate what type of projects you would be interested in supporting in terms of library type, project type and regional priorities from the lists below:

* 2a. Type of library - please tick all that apply:

* 2b. Type of project - please tick all that apply:

* 2c. Regional priorities - please tick all that apply:

* 3. Level of funding available - please indicate currency

* 4a. What is the process for applying for funding?

* 4b. What is the deadline for funding applications?

* 5. Any further information you would like to provide about your funding priorities, processes and / or limitations: