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* 3. Will you need electricity at your booth?  

PLEASE NOTE: 110 Electricity is available at a charge of $50 and you must provide your own extension cords. If you need 220 Electricity it is your responsibility to set this up with the Convention Center staff. Please DO NOT send payment for your electric with your registration, the Convention Center will invoice you.

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* 4. Sign the Contract below using the slider option for "agree" to contact terms and conditions.


1.      Event Space: All exhibitors will decorate and present a professional booth.  The Sioux Falls Business Expo will provide the following materials as a base for your event space.  It is encouraged for you to provide signage, shelving, and marketing materials to present your business.  Standard event spaces are 10’ x 10’, additional adjacent spaces can be purchased if available.  Booths to include (1) 8-foot table with (2) chairs, (1) wastebasket, and pipe and drape.  Electricity is not included in the standard event space.  It is an optional add-on for an additional $75.00.  Please indicate on your registration if you need electricity for your booth.

2.      Booth Presentation & Regulation: Business signage and distribution or sale of materials is allowed only at the assigned space and is prohibited in other areas of the Convention Center or parking lots. Exhibitors are expected to keep their space neat, clutter, and garbage free throughout the event. Any damage caused by an exhibitor not abiding by this rule may be charged additional cleanup fees after the event by Sioux Falls Business Expo, or the Denny Sanford Premier Center Convention Center. No exhibitor may sell or distribute food or beverages

3.      Setup: Exhibitors can begin setting up as early as 8:00 a.m.  Booth content and items MUST be contained in the 10’ x 10’ area, unless your contract states otherwise.

4.      Late Arrival: Exhibitors arriving late to this event MAY NOT be allowed to setup. Exhibitors must be checked in and ready to go by 9:30am the day of the event.

5.      Parking & Trailers: If you plan to bring a trailer to house or transport your expo items, you are allowed to park the trailer outside of fire zones, in front of the building for a period of no longer than 20 minutes during set up and tear down.  During the event, all trailers should be parked no closer than 10 rows, in any direction of the convention center, in order to allow for easy attendee parking and access.  Failure to comply with this request could result in a temporary shut down of your booth while the trailer is relocated, or by event staff requesting you to leave.

6.      Teardown: Exhibitors are not allowed to tear down until 7:00pm. At this time, each exhibitor will promptly pack up their exhibit and remove all empty boxes/garbage from their assigned booth(s). Plan to stay until the end. Any company that tears down before the conclusion of the event is announced by the show producers will be invoiced $100 for an early exit/teardown fee. By signing this waiver, you agree that you will not tear down your booth before it is indicated to do so.

7.      Music and media displays: Exhibitors are allowed to play music or demonstrate visual productions at their booth.  However, volume and special effects must be considerate of the exhibitors around you.  Any excessive noise that creates a distracting atmosphere for other exhibitors or attendees will be required to cease.  If you do not comply with this request, you will be asked to leave.

8.      Insurance: It is hereby agreed to and understood that all as an exhibitor, will carry the necessary insurance covering merchandise, equipment, objects and any and all other property and items displayed by the exhibitor and all persons working for the exhibitor at or anywhere on that property during the Sioux Falls Business Expo, and hereby exonerate the Sioux Falls Business Expo, Minnehaha County, Denny Sanford Premier Center Convention Center, Sioux Falls Business Expo sponsors, workers, volunteers or any other helpers from any injuries, damages, theft or losses while setting up, attending, transporting to or from the event, or anytime during

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* 5. 9.      Sales Tax: Each exhibitor must comply with state sales tax regulations. Each exhibitor is required to file all local, state, and federal tax returns, if applicable, for any sales or business conducted during the Sioux Falls Business Expo.  The Sioux Falls Business Expo may require the exhibitor to complete documentation to submit to the state of South Dakota and U.S. government for sales tax purposes.  All Exhibitors will be required to complete this prior to leaving the expo, or in advance of the expo itself.

10.      There are NO Refunds: Once your application and payment is received and processed, there are no refunds for any reason. In the event of bad weather, an act of God or any unforeseen occurrence that could cause a postponement, rescheduling or cancellation of the event, you are not entitled to a refund. If unable to setup during a rescheduled date you will forfeit your booth rent. Our general policy is that the event will go on rain, snow or shine. We do reserve the right to assess this on a case-by-case basis. 

11.      Food/Alcohol Distribution/Food Concession Agreement: No exhibitors will be allowed to sell food or beverages in competition with the Denny Sanford Premier Center Convention Center.  Samples of food items can be distributed from the event space and only with prior permission from Sioux Falls Business Expo and Denny Sanford Premier Center Convention Center.  Exhibitors will distribute only the foods approved by the Sioux Falls Business Expo and Denny Sanford Premier Center Convention Center.  No alcohol will be permitted to be sold at Sioux Falls Business Expo.

12.      Failure to Comply: Any exhibitor failing to comply with these regulations will not be allowed to set up or will be shut down for the duration of the event and will forfeit all associated event and license fees.

13.      Asked to Leave: Exhibitors may be asked to leave at any time for any reason with no refund. Exhibitors must leave their booths set up and come back after the event ends to gather their booth items.

14.      Photo, video, and marketing liability release: We reserve the right to use photos and videos of your event booth, staff, volunteers, marketing materials, and logos to promote the event for the current year, and in perpetuity.  As an exhibitor, you are required to supply and retain photo and video release consent from your staff or volunteers at your booth.  The undersigned agrees that all copyright interests belong to Sioux Falls Business Expo or its assignees. The undersigned releases the Sioux Falls Business Expo or its assignees for the production and distribution of said photos, content, and marketing materials for social media, website, and/or Sioux Falls Business Expo marketing materials.  The undersigned further represents and warrants that any Trademark, Service Mark or Trade Name used is duly authorized and the undersigned shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Sioux Falls Business Expo Sioux Falls LLC, dba Sioux Falls Business Expo and its assignees from all claims.

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* 6. Acknowledgement: I acknowledge upon signing this agreement that I have carefully read and accept the terms, conditions and policies of this agreement and further understand that any verbal agreements are not binding to this agreement.

By entering your first and last name, you accept this as an electronic and legal signature, and that you accept all terms in this contract.

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* 7. If you have a non-profit or tax exempt status, please attach it here

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* 9. Please enter a 1-2 sentence (elevator speech) about your business or organization. We will print this in the program for the expo. Please also send a vector file (.eps, .ai, .pdf, or transparent .png) to after completing this application.