The Northeastern Illinois Agency on Aging is seeking input from stakeholders (service providers, older persons, family caregivers and grandparents raising grandchildren, Advisory Council/Board, and other constituents) to help us assess the availability of services in your community and to address unmet needs.

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* 2. Consider the needs of older adults (age 60 years and older) in your county, mark if any of the following unmet needs exist and the reasons for the unmet needs. Choose all that apply. You may choose more than one reason for the unmet needs.

  Not specified Community funds exhausted Language barrier Services exist but are not adequate No such service found No transportation Physically isolated Not eligible Waiting list
Adult Day Services
Affordable, accessible housing
Animal Services/Support (e.g. help caring for pets, assistance with pet food and veterinarian care etc.)
Assistive Technology/Equipment
Coordination/Case Management
Caregiver Support/Respite
Dementia/Alzheimer's Support
Developmental Disability Services
Dental Care
Domestic Violence Services
Education/Lifelong Learning
Elder Abuse Intervention
Employment Opportunities
Eye Care
Faith Based/Spiritual Support
Financial Assistance
Food Access-Grocery Stores
Food Pantry Access
Food Stamp Assistance
Grandparents/Relatives Raising Children
Guardianship Services
Health Promotion Programs
Healthcare Access
Holiday Food Programs
Holiday Gift Programs
Home Health Care
Home Delivered Meals
Home Repairs/Modifications
Homeless Prevention/Shelters
Information and Assistance Services
Job Training
Legal Aid/Legal Assistance
LGBTQ+ Support Services
Medical Equipment/Supplies
Medicaid Services
Medicare Services
Medication Assistance
Mental/Behavioral Health Services
Money Management
Rent/Mortgage/Foreclosure Assistance
Sexual Health/Sexually Transmitted Disease Assistance
Social/Recreational Activities
Substance Abuse Recovery Programs
Veteran Services
Volunteer Opportunities

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* 3. List any other unmet needs of older adults in your county that were not included in the survey.

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* 4. Describe any barriers not listed in the survey that prevent older adults from accessing services in your county?

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