* 1. In your opinion, what are the benefits and the challenges of being a female entrepreneur?

* 2. Since being in business, have your relationships and your health changed? If so, in which way?

* 3. In the last 12 months, HOW have you invested in your personal and professional development (I.e books, seminars, trainings etc)?

* 4. In which way do you think your food and eating habits can have a positive or negative effect on your thinking, mood and your performance?

* 5. What do you think could craving chocolate, companionship and coffee mean?

* 6. Which measures are you taking to ensure you are in top shape when it comes to thinking, your mood (emotions and stress-management) and your professional performance?

* 7. For many being in business often means having little time for yourself, your family and friends. Please take your time in answering these two questions.

1.Which tools or strategies do you have in place for time management and work/life balance?
2.What are the results and how satisfied are you with them?

* 8. Which of these health statements would make a HUGE difference to your level of success in your personal and professional life?
Select as many as apply.

To have......

* 9. Thanks for your answers so far, we are almost done!
I just have a last few questions for classification purposes.

* 10. I really appreciate your input and your time. Thank you for taking the step forward to talk about health and well-being as a female entrepreneur. After this series of short interviews, I am going to conduct 10 in-depth interviews with women like you. Would it be OK to contact you? If yes, please fill in your first name and e-mail address.

Best wishes,