You are invited to complete the Georgetown Rating Tool to assess children’s behavioral health services and supports currently available in Kankakee County. The purpose is to assess where we are in implementing the system of care approach for children, youth, and young adults with behavioral health challenges and their families. Results from the Rating Tool will provide guidance about areas needing attention and technical assistance to increase alignment with the system of care approach. 

A system of care is: A spectrum of effective, community-based services and supports for children and youth with or at risk for behavioral health or other challenges and their families, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them to function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life. Core values for systems of care specify that they are community based, family driven, youth guided, and culturally and linguistically competent. Guiding principles call for a broad array of home- and community-based services and supports, individualized care, evidence-informed services, and coordination across child-serving systems.

The Rating Tool is designed to provide a “snapshot” of implementation of the key elements of the system of care approach at a specific point in time.

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it is most helpful if you select “Don’t Know,” instead of making a guess. Most or all people will select “Don’t Know” for at least some questions.

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