Would you like to be the Marketing Manager for MarketingSherpa subscriptions and our online bookstore at SherpaStore.com? You'll report to our Director of Marketing, and have loads of self-managed responsibilities and growth opportunity. You should be/have:
  • 3-5 years of direct marketing experience, preferably in publishing, circulation, or eretail
  • Solid copywriting skills, and a desire to continue honing your writing
  • Numbers-oriented, enjoy tracking results data
  • Strong communication skills via phone, email, and in-person (your boss will not always be in the same office as you are.)
  • Very organized and detailed oriented, can handle marketing-related admin
  • High-energy and enjoy solving problems
  • Must be within commuting distance of Warren, RI or ready, willing, and able to relocate
  • Do-it-yourself and get it done quickly attitude
  • Not afraid of technology, enjoy online marketing
  • Solid knowledge of Excel, Word and Outlook (Web programming and graphic design not required, we have a production team for that.) Please fill out the application below to be considered. Thank you! P.S. If your PC doesn't allow cookies, this form will not work properly (sorry). In that case, simply copy your answers and paste into an email to our Director of Operations & HR at stephanies@marketingsherpa.com.
  • * 1. Your contact info

    * 2. Please enter your resume here

    * 3. Are you or have you:

      Yes No
    Able to commute to Warren RI now?
    Able to relocate to commuting distance?
    Used to coordinating with folks in other (distant) offices?
    3+ years of direct marketing experience?
    Worked in online marketing before?
    Worked in publishing, circulation, or eretail?
    Enjoy being relatively self-managed?
    Type "A" personality - seeking hard work & growth?
    Great at coping with admin

    * 4. What are your favorite marketing tasks and skills; and, which do you do because you have to, but you'd rather not spend all day at them?

      Have not done yet Dislike but will get it done It's ok, not thrilling Love it, love it, love it
    paid search marketing
    affiliate & marketing partner coordination
    spreadsheeting campaign results reports
    tweaking Web pages/ads to improve results
    public relations
    schmoozing possible marketing partners
    creating banner ads
    maintaining marketing admin systems
    coordinating w/ techies
    graphic design
    print direct mail
    email marketing
    project management
    events planning & management

    * 5. Is there a marketing skill or tactic that's not listed above that's you love doing and you're pretty good at?

    * 6. What's the one marketing skill or tactic you're the least interested in spending your time doing?

    * 7. How would you describe yourself?

      Not me Sometimes me Me, me, me!
    Highly inventive and creative
    Multi-tasking King/Queen
    A bit anal about details
    Love to execute to plan
    Great overseer and boss
    Prefer to test, tweak, test, tweak
    Outgoing on the phone
    Good at following up with people to do stuff they promised
    Great sense of humor - I can take a joke
    Sensitive - pick your words carefully when dealing with me, please
    Tough as nails - don't tip toe around me, I can take whatever it is you have to say and not hold grudges
    I am incredibly resourceful
    I love people and I'm very outgoing
    I love variety and no job is too big or too small for me

    * 8. Briefly and off the top of your head, what's the #1 thing you think SherpaStore.com could do to improve sales?

    * 9. Last question: Where do you see yourself in five years careerwise?