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In recognition of the efforts and contribution of the local government units towards nation-building and in fighting against the COVID-19 crisis, the Local Government Academy (LGA) conducts the first Philippine Local Government Forum, a month-long knowledge exchange featuring highly relevant topics anchored on various areas of governance and the sustainable development agenda.

The sessions shall be delivered online within the month of October 2020, bringing knowledge and learning within the tips of your fingers, and influencing local governments make informed decisions towards sustainable and resilient future a closer reality.

There will be more than fifteen (15) forum sessions focus on imparting relevant and practical knowledge that is meaningful in addressing present issues and challenges as well as identifying opportunities and recommendations improving local actions and policies especially in facing today’s crisis.

Local Chief Executives, local functionaries, DILG personnel, planning officers, trainers, researchers, experts, leaders, and other key stakeholders in the local government sector are expected to attend the forum.

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