Windsor Partners Mission Statement

The Windsor Partnership is a Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the greater Windsor community through economic development, historic preservation, educational initiatives, cultural enrichment and recreational development, while protecting and promoting our natural resources.

* 1. As an area resident, how familiar are you with the Windsor Partners Inc.?
(Windsor Partnership)

* 2. How familiar are you with Eagle River Valley?

* 3. Based on the description of the Windsor Partnership in the mission statement I would rank the importance of its involvements as follows (with 1 being most important, 6 being least important.)

* 4. I am aware of the following programs the Partnership has been involved in sponsoring

* 5. If the W.P. was engaged in fund raising to support programs, I would most likely agree to contribute.

* 6. I agree that Windsor is a Historic community which currently needs the support and involvement of those living here in order to be vital and to grow.

* 7. While money is often seen as the biggest item in an area’s growth, I feel citizen’s ideas and hard work are more likely to improve a community.

* 8. I feel it’s important for the Windsor Partners to be featured in the local media (newspaper, TV, internet, etc.) on a regular basis.

* 9. In keeping with the WP Mission Statement, I would like to suggest an idea (or ideas) for future involvement.

* 10. Knowing/Learning what the WP is doing for Windsor leads me to think about joining the Partnership.