Thank you for kindly taking the time to participate in the BIDM 2017 evaluation. Your comments and suggestions will help us to better plan and execute future conferences and tailor them to meet your needs

* 1. Please specify the main reasons for attending the  BIDM (multiple choices)

* 2. Did the BIDM 2017 fulfill your reason for attending?

* 3. Was the cost of this event a good value?

* 4. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the BIDM 2017 

  Excellent Good Fair Unsatisfactory
Registration process
Scheduling and timing
Choice of venue
Parking and directions
Food and beverage
Amount of acquired new information
Clarity in presentation of materials
Live transmission
Dental offers by dental suppliers

* 5. What new dental or para-dental topics do you suggest to be included in BIDM 2018?

* 6. Do you find roundtable discussions about debatable topics interesting? Would you recommend them  in BIDM 2018?

* 7. Do you find adding more live transmission sessions useful?

* 8. Do you find a direct translation of the conference a must?

* 9. Kindly use the space below to share any additional comments and/or suggestions you may have.