1. Electrical Wholesaling's ElectroForecast 2006 Survey

As part our research for the ElectroForecast 2006 report to be published in Electrical Wholesaling’s January 2006 issue, the magazine’s editors are surveying readers on their business expectations for 2006 and asking their opinions regarding several key industry trends.
The editors would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer this brief survey. Please respond by December 22, via e-mail to jlucy@primediabusiness.com, or by answering the survey online by clicking here.
You may also fax your response to Jim Lucy, Chief Editor, Electrical Wholesaling at (913) 514-6743 or mail it to him at Electrical Wholesaling, 9800 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS 66212.

* 1. What kind of business year are you expecting in 2006 (percent increase or decrease) and which market segments offer the most growth opportunities in 2006?

* 2. Volatile steel pricing continues to be a huge concern in the electrical business. Where do you see steel prices headed in 2006?

* 3. The price of copper, now near an all-time high, is also a concern. Where do you see copper prices going in 2006?

* 4. What impact have rising steel and copper prices had on your business?

* 5. What are the three biggest challenges facing the electrical business in 2006?

* 6. Many manufacturers, distributors and rep are frustrated by the lack of success of new product launches. How can electrical manufacturers and their business partners do to a more effective job of developing, promoting, marketing and selling new products in the electrical market?

* 7. What percent of the new product launches your company has been involved with would you consider a success?

* 8. What percentage of your company’s total sales or inventory do new products account for? (For the purposes of this survey, let’s define new products as those SKUs that you have added to inventory in the past two years)

* 9. If you had all of your customers and business partners together in one room for 30 minutes, what would you like to tell them about your company’s plans for growth in 2006?

* 10. Thanks for your participation in this survey. If we may quote you in the article that will appear in EW's January 2006 issue, please supply your contact information here: