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Woodley Town Centre Partnership has received £30,000 of grant funding to deliver a CCTV project for Woodley Town Centre. This is made up of £15,000 from the Police Community Fund and £15,000 from Wokingham Borough Council.

This funding is specifically for the installation of a CCTV system for Woodley precinct, utilising high quality cameras with wireless connectivity.

The aim of the project is to;
· deter crime and antisocial behaviour
· increase public reassurance by reducing the fear of crime
· provide evidence to support the police in detecting crime and prosecuting offenders

The CCTV system will be managed in accordance with all relevant legislation and the police will have access to the system in real-time, providing them with a useful tool in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour.

Woodley Town Centre Partnership, Woodley Town Council and Wokingham Borough Council are committed to providing a safe, attractive and welcoming town centre, and consider the delivery of this CCTV project to be a key part of those objectives.

We are asking for residents views on the proposal through a brief survey.

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* 1. Do you live in Woodley?

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* 2. How often do you visit the town centre?

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* 3. Do you think CCTV in the town centre will deter crime & antisocial behaviour?

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* 4. Do you think CCTV in the town centre will reduce the fear of crime?

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* 5. Do you support the proposal to install CCTV in the town centre?

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* 6. If you would like to make any other comments about the potential installation of CCTV in the town centre, then please provide them below:

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