1. Service Survey

The purpose of this survey will help us analyze the demand for safe, reliable student transportation in your local communities and school districts.

* 1. Do you have school age children

* 2. How old are they?

* 3. How many parents are working?

* 4. Do your children participate in after-school activiites (art, music, dance, sports, tutoring, etc.)?

* 5. Do your children participate in summer activities?

* 6. Would you pay to have your children taken: (check all that apply)

* 7. Choose all that apply to you and your family situation:

  Yes No Possibly
Are there times you have gotten stuck in traffic and were late to daycare or school to pick up your child?
Are there times you couldn’t take time off work so your child missed out on being involved in activities?
Have you ever gotten in trouble at work for taking off too much “personal” time?
Do you need more time to do things for your family?
Do all your friends and neighbors work so if your child is sick, are you the only one who can pick them up?
Would SAFE transportation that is exclusively for children make it possible for your child to participate in activities they cannot currently participate in?
Would receiving a text message notification that your child has been delivered safely to the pre-arranged destination be valuable to you if you were using this service?
Would being able to make the reservation and paying on-line as you needed service be appealing?
Would it be helpful if you could meet the owner of the service and see the shuttles before you sign your child up?

* 8. Would you tell your friends/family about this type of service?

* 9. Do you think this type of service is needed in this area?

* 10. Where do you live (Complete the information below or provide the name of your school district)

100% of survey complete.