* 1. Was your Work Experience worthwhile?

* 2. How genuine a test of a career option was the Work Experience you organised for yourself?

* 3. How much thought and planning did you put into your Work Experience?

* 4. What did you learn about the job? Is this a career you would consider pursuing? Why/ why not?

* 5. What did you learn about working with others, the work environment and yourself as a result of this Work Experience?

* 6. How useful was this Work Experience in terms of giving you more information about the job and/or career opportunities available to you?

* 7. Did Work Experience help you start to make decisions about your future career path? Explain.

* 8. Overall what do you consider to be the THREE main benefits of your Work Experience?

* 9. If given the chance to do Work Experience again, would you do it? Why/ why not?

* 10. What advice would you give to someone going on Work Experience next year?