Virtual reality (VR) games are becoming more popular. In this survey, when we talk about playing VR games, we mean those games which immerse  the players into a virtual world using a headset.  For example the Oculus Go or PlayStation VR headset.

Researchers and gamers have both noticed that to play some VR games, you really need to work up a sweat! Sometimes, to the extent that you might be noticeably puffing or feeling tired after play.
In fact, in the US, a university institution has already shown that some VR headset games are equivalent to high-level sports like cycling or tennis. This is really interesting, because VR games may be a more appealing type of exercise for some people, compared to running or going to the gym. Could we use VR gaming as a form of exercise?

We'd like to answer this question. To start out, we'd first like to learn from those who have already used VR headset games for exercise. We’d like to hear about which games you play, how often you play them, and how they make you feel.

If you are an adult (aged over 18 years) and have used a VR headset game for fitness/exercise at least once in the past month, we would love for you to complete this survey. The survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
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