Community Renewal Team greatly appreciates the support and participation of community organizations like yours. CRT, alongside its partnerships, seeks to continue to improve and provide the best possible services to the community. In order to best serve our community, CRT conducts a community needs survey to ensure that we are responding well to needs in Hartford, Middlesex, and New Haven Counties. CRT is grateful for your organization’s participation in completing our 2023 Community Needs Survey for Providers.

This survey contains fifteen questions that are a variety of multiple choice, ranking, and open-ended questions that should take about five minutes to complete. All questions ask for your organization’s opinion about the needs in the community, as well as opinions on how well CRT is responding to those needs. Your responses will be used to help us create a roadmap to continue helping our community for the next three years. These responses will also help CRT inform decision making, receive grants, and much more. All questions in this survey are voluntary and will remain confidential.

Your contribution to our survey will help us continue to best serve our community. We would also greatly appreciate if you shared this survey with any other organizations you feel would give CRT better insight on our community. Should you have any questions or concerns about our survey contact Fernanda Garcia at garciaf@crtct.org or through phone at 860-560-5133 Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to receiving your survey responses!