The Blockchain Working Group (BWG) welcomes public comment on blockchain technology, promising regulatory guidelines, and its potential risks, benefits and uses in state government. We are gathering feedback on:

1) Considerations for blockchain implementation in the public sector
2) Guidelines for proposed regulation of blockchain
3) Specific sectors, industries or stakeholders that may be affected by blockchain

Please complete the survey to inform the BWG of how blockchain could affect your industry, organization, or personal interaction with the state. Comments will be reviewed by the Working Group and may be discussed in future meetings. We ask that you include your contact information at the end of the survey if you are willing to be available for follow up.

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*Your comments are for research purposes. By submitting this survey, it does not guarantee that your comments will be included in the final report to the Legislature. Responses will be limited to 300 words.*

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* 1. What opportunities or constraints should policymakers keep in mind when crafting legislation regarding blockchain? Perspectives could address technical, economic, social, environmental or other concerns.

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* 2. Considering potential application areas, which sectors or cross-cutting applications may be well suited to adopt blockchain solutions? Which areas will need further technological or infrastructure development or regulatory changes before a blockchain framework could be implemented? Which, if any, sectors should NOT be considered for incorporating blockchain technology?

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* 3. How can the state improve civic literacy regarding blockchain technology? What examples of successful user interfaces should the Working Group consider as models?

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* 4. Enter your contact information if you are available for any follow-up.

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