1. Marin's 10,000 Rain Gardens Project


The 10,000 Rain Gardens Project is a community-based program launched by SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, for the Marin Municipal Water District. Our Program is designed to provide FREE rainwater harvesting resources (technical and design assistance) to residents and businesses that are MMWD customers.

Beginning in January 2010, we will be available to provide site consultations and technical and design assistance for landowners wanting to implement rainwater harvesting projects.

Since we are able to provide only a limited number of design consultations, we have prepared a survey to help us serve as many MMWD customers as possible through out the MMWD service district. If you would like to be eligible for a design consultation with one of our rainwater harvesting experts, please FILL OUT this quick survey.

* 1. Please provide your personal contact info and MMWD account info. **This is required. All information will remain private and confidential.

* 2. Are you a

* 3. What applications of rainwater harvesting systems are you interested in? Please feel free to mark all that apply.

* 4. What are your motivations for pursuing rainwater harvesting as part of your water conservation strategy? Please feel free to mark all that apply.

* 5. With FREE technical and design support from SPAWN as well as discounts on supplies, are you willing to invest financially in your rainwater harvesting system and/or to transform a portion of your lawn to a rain garden?

Note: Transforming a portion of your existing lawn to a rain garden is generally the most cost effective way to conserve landscape water and receive multiple rainwater harvesting benefits. A basic roofwater harvesting system w/ a cistern of 1,000-gallons (for a small garden) costs ~$1/gallon. BUT, depending on your design, actual costs can be reduced by upwards of 50% through bulk community orders of supplies and strategic partnerships with local businesses.

  Yes No Partially
I am willing to invest in transforming a portion of my lawn to a rain garden
I am willing to invest in a roofwater harvesting system
I am interested in Bulk Community Tank Orders

* 6. Would you be willing to have your rainwater project be part of a SPAWN-led workshop showcasing installation techniques or your completed project showcased on scheduled public tours focused on landscape and water sustainability practices?

  Yes No Maybe, need more info.
Public Tour

* 7. Are you interested in participating in, or have you already participated in a rainwater tour or workshop?

  Yes No
I've taken a Tour
I've taken a Workshop
I'm interested in taking a Tour
I'm interested in taking a Workshop
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* 8. I'm very interested in moving this forward! Contact me to schedule an on-site consultation.

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* 9. Where did you hear about this program?