Award Specifications:

The amount to be awarded is for (2) two semesters; half of the funds are designated for Fall 2024 and the other half for Spring 2025. Students who are entering the final semester before graduation in Fall 2024 shall receive funding for that semester only.

The Scholarship Selection Committee has the authority to increase or decrease the amount of the scholarship determined by available funds.

Student Eligibility:

Ideal applicants demonstrate successful academic performance and show evidence of a financial need. In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, student must:

• be a US citizen
• be a Louisiana resident
• have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater including grades from the 2024 Spring semester
• be eligible to receive TOPS in the upcoming Fall semester*
• attend UL Lafayette or LSU-Eunice
  • UL Lafayette students must have successfully completed at least one semester of clinical rotation. UL Lafayette students enrolled in an advanced practice nursing program must be admitted into a clinical advanced practice course.
  • LSU Eunice students must have successfully completed a minimum of one semester in the university's clinical nursing program.

In order for a student to receive the second portion of the scholarship, he/she must complete the Fall semester as a full-time student (full-time status determined by academic entity) and have a minimum 2.5 semester GPA.

Students enrolled in one of the advanced practice nursing programs at UL Lafayette are eligible to apply if they meet the above criteria.

*This requirement does not apply to nontraditional students, students entering their senior year, or graduate students.

Required Documents:

The student must upload a copy of an official transcript that includes Spring 2024 grades.

The student must write an essay that is no longer than 400 words (essays with more than 400 words will be discarded). Address the following topics:

• Describe why you chose Nursing as a major.
• Describe all university activities in which you are actively involved.
• Include any honors or awards you may have received while enrolled in the nursing program.
• Describe your financial need.
Scholarship Selection Committee:

The Committee shall consist of members of the Foundation for Wellness Board of Directors as appointed by the President of the Board each year. The Committee shall meet annually between June - September to select the next school year’s recipient(s).

Scholarship Administration:

One-half of the amount awarded will be disbursed to one or more student(s) at the beginning of the Fall semester, and the second half of the amount awarded will be disbursed at the beginning of the subsequent Spring semester. Students who are entering their final semester before graduation in Fall 2024 shall receive their funding at the beginning of the Fall semester.

The scholarship requires that the recipient(s) maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA as a full-time student (full-time status to be determined by the academic entity) during the Fall semester of the scholarship year in order to validate the second half of the scholarship payment. The committee has the authority to withhold or decrease funds for the Spring semester in the event of a less than 2.5 GPA in the Fall semester.

By submitting applications, students authorize their school to release the above information, including their transcript, to the Foundation for Wellness Scholarship Selection Committee. In addition, if selected, students also authorize their school to release subsequent grade reports to Foundation for Wellness to verify the distribution of the second half of scholarship funds. Students also understand that incomplete applications shall not be considered. Students agree to allow Foundation for Wellness to follow up in a year on their employment status and/or career path to share this information with the Scholarship Selection Committee.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS July 12, 2024 11:59 PM CST.

For any questions or concerns, please email sally@foundationforwellness.com