Your Current Landscaping Practices

Answering just 12 questions will help us get funding for educational programs.

The starred* questions require answers, but please try to answer all 12, thank you!

* 1. Please enter your zip code here

* 2. Approximately how much outdoor property is under your management? Enter either in acres or square feet.

* 3. Do you consider your current property management to be:

* 4. Considering the past 2 years to the best of your recollection, select all the terms which describe the item(s) you think were applied to your property, if any:

* 5. Did you and/or a paid landscaper apply any of the above materials?

* 6. How many times per year is fertilizer applied to your lawn?

* 7. Do you have an irrigation system installed?

* 8. About how often do your water your lawn?

* 9. How often do you have your soil tested?

* 10. Allocate a total of 100 points to reflect the relative importance to you of these property maintenance concerns.

For example: Beauty = 30; Ease = 10; Ecology/Health = 20; Neighbors' Opinions = 10; Cost = 30 ...adds up to 100 points.

* 11. How satisfied are you with your current management techniques and their results?
Enter a number from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) in each of the following categories:

* 12. Is there anything our Organic Land Care Program can do for you?