To better plan our conversation on November 11, we want to know what you are thinking. Please take a few moments and complete our short survey so we can report back to the group on November 11 and advance our conversation meaningfully.

* Full Name (First and Last)

* Company Name

* Type of Organization

* How large is your organization?

* 1. The New Corporate Chiefs

  Yes No
Does your organization have corporate advancement training programs for younger women professionals?
Does your organization have a women’s initiative? 

* Email:

* Telephone:

* 2. Next Generation Women at Work

  Yes No
Does your organization provide flexible work schedules for younger women with family responsibilities?
Does your organization have a formal policy for maternity or family leave?
In your opinion, does maternity leave interfere with your promotion potential?
In your opinion, do flexible work schedules affect promotion potential?
Does your organization have a mentoring or mentor-protégé program?

* 3. What do all women need in their leadership toolkit to succeed in their profession?
Please check the factors that you consider important to women’s leadership training and development:

4. Girls Who Build

* A. How do we encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the building and construction industry?

* B. At what level do you think instruction about careers in the construction industry would be meaningful to young girls?

* C. What types of partnerships should we be considering to develop curricula and connections with girls and young women?

Please suggest other ideas or concerns that we may consider including in our discussion.