Survey for future directions of course design and delivery in Mechanical Engineering Diploma / Advanced Diploma at WSI.

* 1. Which best describes your current position? (Note: Mech Eng = Mechanical Engineering). (Tick all that apply)

* 2. Which type of learning environment best suits you (or your employees)?

  Never Not the best choice Very suitable
Regular weekly classes at TAFE (day class)
Regular weekly classes at TAFE (night class)
Mixed classes: Class-based course with off-site assignments
Mixed classes: Class-based course with on-line assessment
Work-based: Student does work-related tasks to fulfil course requirements + assignments
Fully Online: Student does all tasks on-line

* 3. Which study schedule do you prefer?

  Never Not the best choice Very suitable
Block Release: Full-day sessions of 1 or 2 weeks separated by several weeks.
Full-Time: Standard 3.5 days/week for 2 years.
Fast Full-time: Heavy full-time schedule to get it all over in 18 months.
Part-Time: Standard 2 nights/week for 4 years.
Fast Part-Time: Accelerated 3 nights/week for 3 years (approx).
Mixed: Part-time night classes and occasional intense full-day sessions (3 years approx).
Self-paced: My choice of subjects done remotely.

* 4. For a Mechanical Engineering Advanced Diploma course, which topic areas are most important to you / your business?

  Irrelevant Some Importance Important Very Important Critical
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Machine elements, Hardware, terminology
ENGINEERING MECHANICS: Physics of Forces, Velocity, Acceleration, Momentum, Energy
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS: Calculation of Stress, Strain, Bending, Torsion
MATERIALS SCIENCE: Properties and chemistry, Metallurgy, Polymers, Ceramics
CAD-ANALYSIS: 3D Modelling, Finite Element Analysis, simulation
PRODUCT DESIGN: CAD/CNC, prototyping, costing, production technology
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Scheduling, Costing, Resource,
PRODUCTION: Quality, Manufacturing improvement,
PROCESS & MAINTENANCE: Monitoring, Vibration, Process industries
MECHATRONICS: Sensors, Servos, Microcontrollers, PLC
FLUID POWER: Hydraulics/ Pneumatics system design
AUTOMOTIVE: Design / RMS engineer
OTHER: Specialized field not described above

* 5. What are your biggest concerns about Mechanical Engineering courses?

  Irrelevant True, but OK Slightly concerned Concerned Extremely concerned
Students learn irrelevant material.
Students do not gain enough practical skills.
Material is out of date.
Too much time is spent on less important material.
There is too much emphasis on analytical methods (maths/physics etc)
Not enough project work and team skills.
Not enough people skills and communication.
Not enough business and management skills.
Not enough new technology awareness.

* 6. What is an "Engineering Associate"?

* 7. The name of the course is currently: Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering. What would you think if the name was changed to Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics).

* 8. What general advice would you give to someone designing a course in Mechanical Engineering (Advanced Diploma)? (Optional)

* 9. Please enter your details; (Optional for students, preferred for employers)