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The NDIS is currently testing the use of Independent Assessments to assess the supports and funding to be provided to NDIS participants. The changes are expected to apply to all NDIS participants by the end of 2021.

This survey is designed to find out how people with physical disability within NSW feel about these changes to the NDIS assessment process.

We will be asking you 7 questions. 

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* 1. What will be assessed? 

The NDIS advises that: 
  • An independent assessment will be about a participants' capability, not their disability
  • It will not be a medical assessment
  • Internationally recognised, standardised tools will be used by assessors, who will be independent health care professionals
  • It will be mostly question based
  • An independent assessment will attempt to create a complete picture of how a participant manages tasks and activities in their everyday life
  • An independent assessment will focus on an individual's  functional capacity. This includes the impact of a person’s environment
Do you think that a focus on what a person can and cannot do is the best way to determine what to include in a person’s NDIS plan and their NDIS planning budget? ​

Why or why not?  

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* 2. Preparation for an Independent Assessment

The NDIS advises that accessible information will be available to participants prior to the assessment taking place. This will include information advising:
  • What to expect (including who will contact the participant to organise an appointment, how long will it take, where it will happen and what will happen during the assessment) 
  • What the participant needs to do (including nominating someone who knows them well to also attend, this may include a family member, support person or treating health professional) ​
  • The decisions the participant can make (including options for where independent assessment is delivered, for example at home or in the community, whether they need interpreting support services, etc.)
What pre-planning information do you think participants need to prepare for their independent assessment? ​

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* 3. What information do you think that independent assessors should have about participants prior to the independent assessment?

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* 4. Structure of a typical Independent Assessment
  • A draft budget will be provided to the participant prior to the independent assessment ​
  • Independent assessments will generally take around 3 hours​
  • They can be done on a single day or split across a number of days 
  • They will be free of charge​
  • Independent assessments can be conducted flexibly, including assessments in the home, by video call or at a venue nominated by the participant
  • Participants can receive a copy of the report for their records
  • ​Support people can attend with participants​
  • Participants cannot appeal the content of the report but they can appeal determinations that are made by the NDIS based on the assessment
  • Participants will be expected to do a new independent assessment as their  circumstances change, otherwise, every 5 years
Do you consider that this proposed structure of the independent assessments is an effective way to determine a participant's capacity?​

Why or why not?​

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* 5. Independent Assessors 

The NDIS plans to use independent assessors to assess participant's functional capabilities during the Independent Assessment. 

Independent Assessors will not be employees of the NDIS. An independent assessor will also have no prior relationship with the participant. 

Independent Assessors will be allied health professionals, including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists. 

What attributes do you consider are important in an Independent Assessor? ​

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* 6. What would give you confidence in an Independent Assessor's capabilities?

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* 7. Do you have any further information or comments that you would like to provide to us?

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* 8. Would you be interested in providing more information to our policy team on this issue?

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