We need to figure out if there's enough interest to move forward with producing a new generation of KKTO. This will involve sourcing commercial parts, and fabricating others - we'll need deposits to be able to do that. This survey is a pre-registration to see if enough people will be willing to pay the required deposit that will allow us to move forward.

  • To keep the unit costs to a minimum the Turbo Oven won't be included
  • The aim is to be able to build and deliver the roaster for under $1000
  • 40% deposit (approx $400) will be required
  • All deposits will be banked in trust and used to pay the engineering shop and any additional manufacturing costs

  • Cyclonic roast chamber shape redesigned & enhanced for better heat penetration to the agitating beans
  • Better chaff extraction to lower chamber and a removable chaff collector for easy disposal of chaff
  • Provision for thermocouple
  • Quieter worm drive motor
  • Fully insulated
  • Square / Rectangle one piece outer design
  • Optimised agitation
  • 12V drive so it can be used world wide with a local wall wart power supply, and no electrical compliance is required
  • Manufactured locally in Brisbane Australia 

If we receive enough interest, we'll setup a payment page and start taking deposits, along with providing further information on likely timeframes and costs. We'll probably need a minimum 100 units ordered to achieve the cost quoted above. Once deposits are received manufacturing will begin with an approximate 6-month lead time until delivery.

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Producing the new KKTO will require the mass fabrication of specific components. To do this we will need to take a deposit of XX% of the final price.

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