Please answer all of the following questions to give us a clear picture of the support you are receiving.

* 1. Name of your Learning Provider? (e.g. XYZ Training)

* 2. The occupational area you are in (e.g. Health and Social Care - Childcare - Horticulture etc.)

* 3. What level is the qualification you are taking?

* 4. To answer the following questions please give each a score out of 6, where 0 is very bad and 6 is very good. Please choose "Does not apply" if that is most appropriate.

  0 Very Bad 1 2 3 4 5 6 Very Good Does not apply
How good or bad was the information you were given at the start of your learning programme?
How good or bad was the help and support you were given in the first few weeks on the programme?
How good or bad has the support been in the months after starting?
How good or bad is the teaching you are receiving?
How good or bad is the feedback you have received after an assessment?
How good or bad is the advice you have been given about further training that you can move onto after this programme?
How good or bad is the learning provider at listening to the views of learners?
Overall how good or bad do you think the learning provider is?

* 5. Overall, how fairly have you been treated?

* 6. For learners on work based learning programmes.
How often do you have a training or assessment visit from your Tutor / Assessor?

* 7. How often is your welfare, progress and advice & guidance on moving on to further qualifications discussed at meetings with your learning provider?

* 8. Is your learning programme preparing you for your next step - for example into employment or onto further / higher education etc.?

* 9. How likely is it that you would recommend the learning provider to friends or family?

* 10. Please enter any other comments you would like to make about your learning programme to help us work with your learning provider to make improvements or to share good practice with other providers.
Also if you have any general comments to help us improve this survey, please enter them below.

If you would like to discuss any issues you may have been having with your learning programme please contact The Derbyshire Network on 01773 740432.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.