With more than 600 members representing 40,000 employees, the Charleston Area Alliance is a multi-faceted economic and community development organization, as well the largest regional Chamber of Commerce in West Virginia.

As part of our mission of inspiring an economy that provides sustainable jobs in the Kanawha Valley, the Alliance created Vision2030. This 20-year plan for creating jobs and strengthening the economy of the Kanawha Valley is a long-term blueprint for the future.

We are gathering stories from community members who have been involved and impacted by Alliance events, programs, and outcomes. We want to show the real connections and opportunities that have resulted from taking initiative in the community and the cumulative impact they can have on our economy and society.

These answers will be displayed on the Vision2030 Website.

* 1. Are you involved with a Charleston Area Alliance program(s) or have you attended a Charleston Area Alliance event(s)? (please check all that apply)

* 2. What was your role in the program(s) or event(s)? (please check all that apply)

* 3. How did you find out about the program(s) or event(s)? (please check all that apply)

* 4. If you’re comfortable, please tell us the story of how you got connected to the program(s) or event(s) and/or the name of the person/people who connected you to the Charleston Area Alliance.

* 5. What other types of meaningful connections, friendships, mentorships, or partnerships have you made through your involvement in these program(s) or event(s)? Please be specific!

* 6. Based on your experience, have Charleston Area Alliance's community development programs and projects helped foster community, social connectivity, or economic growth in Charleston? If yes, please give us an example, big or small.

* 7. When the Charleston Area Alliance is successful at recruiting a new business to the region or helping an existing business in the area grow, does that have a positive economic impact on you or your business? If so, how?

* 8. Please share any other stories or thoughts about Charleston Area Alliance programs or events.

* 9. Please provide:

* 10. Do we have your permission to use these answers on the Charleston Area Alliance Vision2030 website?