Presented by PMI Central Ohio Chapter and hosted by Navigator Management Partners

* 1. Have you ever been assigned to a project whose planned outcome was something you considered unethical?

* 2. Have you ever turned down a project or assignment because you felt the outcome or the process to achieve the outcome was unethical?

* 3. Have you worked for an organization whose ethical standards were below your standards?

* 4. If you saw an unethical situation in your work today, is there a person or department you would feel safe in reporting the unethical situation to?

* 5. Would you be willing to be let go for reporting an unethical situation?

* 6. As the PM on a project, you are considering buying goods or services from a vendor in the near future. At what level would you consider accepting a gift or other benefit from this vendor to be unethical?

* 7. Does the organization you are working for have a written ethics policy?

* 8. Before now, were you aware of the PMI Ethical Decision-Making Framework?

* 9. Do you have a question or issue you would like the panel to discuss? (Your response is anonymous.)