Dear Property Owner,

The Pittsylvania County Service Authority (PCSA) is considering a waterline project that may cross in front of your property.  The currently proposed alignments are as follows:

Section 1 -  Along Stony Mill School Road from Inman Road east to Stony Mill Road; along Stony Mill Road from Stony Mill School Road north to Mt. Cross Road; and along Mt. Cross Road from Stony Mill Road southeast to Mill Creek Road.

Section 2 -  Along Golf Club Road from Mt. Cross Road north to Robertson Lane.

Section 3 -  Along R & L Smith Drive from Franklin Turnpike northeast to Carson Jones Road. 

Public water service is not only a valuable health resource but can also add value to your property. Fire hydrants along the proposed route will also be a benefit.  In order to properly evaluate the proposed project, we would like to know if you would be interested in obtaining water service from this line if it becomes available.  The current water connection fee is $1001.00 (one-time payment) and the current water rate is $46.00 every other month which allows the customer 8000 gallons of water every 2 month billing period.  Usage over the billing period allowance is billed at $7.00 per 1000 gallons.  In most cases, we will offer a reduced connection fee during the construction period as an incentive to new customers. We do expect a moderate increase in the water rate to help pay for the capital investment. 

Would you please take a moment to complete the following survey?  Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated and allows us to determine the feasibility of the project.  Please remind your neighbors who also live along the proposed route to complete the survey as well.  Please understand that if you do not complete the survey we will assume you are not interested in obtaining water service.

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