Female Business Traveller Safety Survey

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this important survey.  It is our intention to gather comprehensive intelligence into the market of female business traveller safety and the specific risks that women travellers face.  We are also looking to identify best practice within corporate travel departments and identify the best products and services available to ensure the safety of women travellers. 
This research will be used as a basis for published articles and conference content.

Your responses to this survey will be handled with upmost sensitively and the information you supply will not be attributed to you as an individual unless you specifically wish to be quoted.
Because this survey is anonymous we will not be offering a prize draw incentive for completion, instead we will donate £1 for every response we receive to the the Airline Ambassadors charity which amongst other things works to prevent human trafficking. See http://airlineamb.org/

* 1. Does your company have traveller safety policies in place?

* 2. Which of the following does your company have in place?

* 3. Do you feel that your employer adequately looks after you when you are travelling on business

* 4. Which organisations have you encountered that excel in traveller safety services

* 5. Have you ever suffered from an adverse situation when travelling on business, such as theft, robbery, physical assault, sexual harrassment, or attack, kidnap, attempted kidnap, intruder in your hotel room etc.

* 6. If yes, in which city/country did it occur?

* 7. If yes, are you able to share some further detail?  This will be treated sensitively and in the strictest of confidence

* 8. In which cities/countries do you most frequently conduct your business travel?

* 9. About you

* 10. As a female traveller, what are your biggest areas of concern or where you feel the most vulnerable and why?