Introduction & Instructions

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Welcome to NAFCM's Survey on Diversity + Inclusion within Community Mediation!

This Survey is designed to take stock of the extent to which community mediation programs have internalized and operationalized our collective values of diversity and inclusion. It is designed to help identify the field’s progress, as well as our opportunities for continued growth in engraining cultural competence within our organizations, our services, and our communities. Neither an exhaustive nor concluding assessment, this Survey will instead serve to enhance our ongoing dialogue and encourage deeper analyses of what we have achieved and where we may yet grow.

This Survey is intended to be completed by community mediation program administrators. It is expected to require 10-15 minutes for its core sections (Pages 2 and 3). An additional, optional section on diversity metrics (Page 4) will require a further 15+ minutes from those choosing to complete that portion of the Survey. Those choosing to complete Page 4 will receive a personalized report on how their responses compare to colleagues', as well as to the most recently available U.S. Census data from their own surrounding communities.

Thank you for completing this Survey and for your continued commitment to diversity and inclusion within community mediation!