* 1. Have you ever been to a retreat/on a craft based holiday away? If yes, how often do you go on retreat?

* 2. Do you belong to a craft group/guild (either formal or informal)?

* 3. What style of accommodation appeals to you?

* 4. Is the craft space or the sleeping/cooking facilities more important to you?

* 5. Would you prefer that all bedding, linens and towels were provided for you?

* 6. If you were going to hire a self-contained accommodation, where would you go to find it?

* 7. If you were to hire self-contained accommodation, would you expect to have to do the general cleaning (vacuum, mop floors, take rubbish out ) prior to leaving or should this be done for you as part of the cost?

* 8. Would you be willing to share a room (large rooms, separate Double beds)?

* 9. How much would you be willing to pay for a full weekend of accommodation (Friday 9.00am until Sunday 4.00pm) for up to 10 people?

* 10. Please tell me about your dream crafty weekend – who would be there, what would you work on, what would you eat, what would make it extra special/memorable?

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