Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for your participation in this experiment. Your support makes a significant contribution to our research. This will approximately take 5 to 10 minutes of your time. For this research, for my thesis of the Master Business Informatics at the University of Utrecht, I will be focusing on the design, implementation and evaluation of intuitive, safe and unobtrusive way to interact with wearable devices during cycling.  This questionnaire is a short preliminary investigation focusing on the motivation and the acceptance of the use of a mobile phone while cycling.

Your data will be anonymized. Since your participation is voluntary you can terminate the survey any time.

Thanking you for your participation,
Lex Dekker
Pawel Woźniak (supervisor) 
Student Business Informatics
Utrecht University
Department of Information and Computer science
Contact: a.p.dekker@students.uu.nl