Coaching application form 2020

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* 1. Overview & Acknowledgement of Expectations

Training Nights:

Please note with our grounds and rooms under renovation this year the club will nominate training times for teams (i.e. won't be up to coaches to select) 

The Clubs Mission Statement:

“To endeavour to teach our young members (players) to work as a team member to achieve a goal, to give every player the opportunity to play at the highest level and reach their full potential and to experience the highs and lows that team sport brings and to participate in a safe, friendly and disciplined environment”

Coaching Expectations:  

Leadership and Culture

• Acceptance that the Club philosophy is based on quality teaching and learning where commitment to individual, team and Club success is a given.

• Ability to establish and enforce team rules and a focus on team commitment.

• Acceptance of full responsibility for the team’s operations including on and off field performance and behaviour of players, officials and parents.

• Acceptance that the coaching group must work and train as a team within their age group, and must work as a whole across age groups, strengthening the Club at all age levels.

• Acceptance of assistance to ensure the promotion of skills extension. 

• Appropriate engagement of team members.

• Demonstrated compliance with the AFL Code of Conduct, the Club Constitution and all Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of the Club as amended from time to time.  

• Ability to teach players to enjoy success in a positive and appropriate way, and to respond to failure with integrity and a renewed determination. 

• Ability to instil in the team a strong sense of pride in the Club as well as a team culture of integrity, respect and fairness.     

 Personal Qualities - Personal style and behaviours

 • Attendance at all Coaches meetings.

• Participation in Club functions and events.

• Coaches shall be well presented at all times, including training sessions and game days. 

• Coaches need to be excellent role models able to develop good rapport with players and parents and maintain positive leadership and appropriate relationships both at the game and off the field.

• Ability to demonstrate integrity and respect for players, parents and the wider Club community.

 Communication - Parents/players/ Club committee/ age group

• Ability to engage with players, parents, the Committee and the wider Club community in a positive, appropriate and constructive way.

  Technical Skills  

• Prior coaching experience desirable but not mandatory.  However, for playing groups above under 12's, Coaches must be able to demonstrate well-developed game tactics and game day competence. 

• Coaches must be skilled at teaching the fundamentals of the sport. 

• Coaches must provide an initial team-training program prior to season commencement for review by the Football Operations Manager.

• Coaches must train players in all facets of football skills to suit the modern game. 

I acknowledge that I can deliver on ALL of the above requirements of the role. 

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* 2. Your details and proposed “Support Team”  
(please note the club will need to approve these key people in your support team)

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* 3. What team would you like to coach in 2020?

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* 4. Why do you want to coach?

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* 5. What do you see as the most important reason children play football?

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* 6. A coach can have a large impact on a childs development as a footballer and as a person.  Rank the key areas where you believe your coaching can influence a child with 1 being the greatest influence and 5 being the lowest impact based on your coaching style.

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* 7. What processes will you put in place to keep all parties - players, parents, support staff and the club (committee / footy ops) - “in the picture” as to what is happening with the team throughout the year?

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* 8. How will you personalise the player development so that all the players improve throughout the year under your coaching?

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* 9. How do you set the tone for behaviours of parents, supporters, officials and of course players?

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* 10. (Qu for u12 Teams and above only)
Given your understanding of our "Grading and Team Selection Policy" explain your thoughts on how teams in different grades, but the same age group should work together (1’s, 2’s & 3’s)