For the last three years, Petrotechnics - now a Sphera company - has surveyed industry experts on the state of process safety and operational risk management in hazardous industries around the World. The reports have offered insightful, and on occasion, startling insights about the reality of risk. You can access the past three reports, here:

 - 2016 Survey on Improving Process Safety Management in Hazardous Industries
 - 2017 Survey on Process Safety and Operational Risk Management
 - 2018 Survey on the State of Process Safety & Operational Risk Management

Through this year's survey, Sphera is working to benchmark progress and understand the future direction of process safety and operational risk management.

We will compile the survey responses and generate a benchmarking report to help advance process safety and risk management practices throughout hazardous industries. Please know, we maintain complete confidentiality regarding individual respondents and their organizations.

This survey consists of 35 questions and should take about 18 minutes to complete. At the beginning of the survey, there is an option to provide us with your email address. This optional field, if completed, will allow us to send you the complete survey report first - before it is delivered to the market. This will enable you to understand industry best practices and how your company stacks up with leaders in the field.

Please feel free to forward this survey within your company and with your industry peers.

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