Foundations of Dialogue Education: From Principles to Practice

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1. Dialogue Education™ (DE) is a learning-centered system of teaching and curriculum design that is uniquely purposeful, engaging, and collaborative. Unlike traditional methods that push information onto passive learners, DE brings the learner into active relationship with both the content and the learning process. As a result, DE has the power to utterly transform the way you teach, and to also transform the way your learners absorb and retain content.

In this dynamic four-day workshop, you’ll directly experience the core concepts and practices of Dialogue Education. By the time you leave, you’ll have helpful tools and skills that will completely re-engage your passion and purpose for teaching, training, or facilitating.

As an added bonus, Foundations of Dialogue Education is the first step toward becoming a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner, should you wish to continue your professional development in DE.

This course was previously known as "Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach."