Common Factors among Psychopathy, Narcissism and Autism associated with Relationship Satisfaction

Adelphi University

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The study: I am invited to take part in a study named “Common Factors among Psychopathy, Narcissism and Autism associated with Relationship Satisfaction.” The study is being conducted by Gabrielle Lipsky, who is the principal investigator, and by Professor Lawrence Josephs, co-investigator. Gabrielle Lipsky may be reached at Gabriellelipsky@mail.adelphi. edu. Co-investigator, Professor Lawrence Josephs, can be reached at (516) 877-4814 or at


Purpose: The study is designed to learn more about the relationship between certain personality traits, and how such traits impact relationship satisfaction. Specifically, the purpose of this research project is to examine how traits that align with psychopathy, narcissism and autism are correlated with empathy and based off of this, to determine if a lack of empathy serves as a common link between such traits. In addition, the study will also investigate whether or not the common link, be it empathy or something else, impacts relationship satisfaction.


Procedures: If I agree to participate in this study, I will be asked to do the following: fill out a questionnaire about my demographic information and fill out questionnaires of my own personality.


Benefits: I will receive no direct benefits from participation in this study aside from meeting a course requirement by participation in the study off the SONA system.


Risks: There are minimal risks associated with this study. The questionnaires ask personal questions about my feelings and personality, which may be uncomfortable for me. I will be able to ask questions, before or after the study, by emailing the investigator at If any unpleasant psychological events occur, the investigator will be able to provide participants with information as to sources of mental health assistance.


Confidentiality: The data for this study is collected via an online service called Survey Monkey, and is therefore electronic. All electronic records will be erased after 7 years. My information will be strictly confidential. The Survey Monkey default settings will be set so as to not collect IP addresses. There is, however, a limit to the confidentiality that can be guaranteed due to the nature of online data collection. As with any information collected online, no guarantees can be made regarding the interception of data sent via the Internet by any third parties. Moreover, the information obtained during this research (research records) will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. However, this research record may be reviewed by government agencies (such as the Department of Health and Human Services.

If you have any further questions regarding the research study, or if for any reason you would like to receive a referral for mental health treatment, please contact Gabrielle Lipsky at Thank you again for your participation.   



Gabrielle Lipsky
Principal Investigator