Many Lights Foundation, in conjunction with Lifespan Respite Washington, is conducting this survey to learn what respite supports and services are needed by parents and caregivers of children who have experienced, or are experiencing, foster care, guardianship, adoption, and/or kinship care.

Respite is considered any relief, including helpful support or breaks, that allow a caregiver time to do something other than caregiving. Your answers will help us as we advocate for the needs of caregivers. Your answers will be anonymous.

Contact Many Lights Foundation at (253) 267-7022 or for more information. 

* 1. I am the primary caregiver for: (check all that apply) 

* 2. The last time I participated in respite services was:

* 3. I live in WA State

* 4. I have accessed the following when I needed help: (check all that apply)

* 5. If I were designing a respite services program specifically for myself and my family, I would want a respite services program that: (check all that apply)

* 6. If the program offered services in my home:

* 7. If the program offered activities or special outings outside my home:

* 8. If the program allows me to go away between 1-7 days without my child, children, or loved one:

* 9. If I felt I could trust a reliable individual or agency with the safety and care of my loved one, I would most likely use respite services:

* 10. The biggest barriers I've experienced related to finding the respite support I need include: (check all that apply)