We developed this survey to give you the opportunity to let us know how you feel about your educational experiences at Pine-Richland.  We value your opinions and will use your answers to make improvements to our schools.

You are receiving this survey because you are in the last year of your current school.  Most likely you have spent several years in your current school and have had a wide variety of experiences.  As you answer each question, consider all the time you have spent in your current school, not just this year, before selecting your answer.  

Please read each question carefully and answer each question honestly.  The survey is anonymous so no one will know your answers. The survey is voluntary and you do not have to complete it if you do not want to.

We appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions that follow.  Your views will give us good feedback about how well we are doing with our schools and what we may be able to do better.  Thank you for participating in this survey.