This survey was prepared by a group of educators working on an NSF Research Coordination Network project looking at the use of teaching technologies and assessing the effectiveness of these technologies. As part of our project, we will be creating a 'Teaching and Research Community' to provide support and resources to those interested in using and assessing technologies.

* 1. In which type of institution are you affiliated?

* 2. Are you currently affiliated with an institution in the United States?

* 4. Which techniques/technologies (listed in the previous question or the ones you know) would you like to learn more, observe in use or actually use?

* 5. What are some of the reasons why you don't use the technologies that you are interested in using?

* 6. What are some of the unique attributes to using and assessing teaching technologies for Biology compared with other disciplines?

* 7. How would you assess whether or not a specific teaching technology is effective in promoting student learning?

* 8. What are some of the barriers to doing and publishing scholarly research on teaching technologies? In what ways can our community of teachers and researchers help you overcome these barriers?

* 9. As we create our online community, what type of resources and support would be most valuable and effective for you?

* 10. Thank you for participating in our survey. If you would like to participate in our community or be contacted as we create the community, please give us your contact information in the space below.